Our Vision

  • To transform the life-chances of our children.
  • To ensure safe and secure learning environments.
  • To create inspirational places for our staff to work.
  • To be an influential part of our local communities.

As our Multi Academy grows our Trust will enjoy the benefits of:-

  • A shared focus on education, which raises achievement across all schools to the highest levels.
  • A shared business platform which makes best use of resources and benefits from economies of scale.
  • A shared ethos within which the unique identity and character of each school can flourish








Our Principles

In our schools we will ensure:-

An Enriched and Exciting Curriculum

  • Children enjoy their learning and want to come to school to learn. Enjoyment of learning is crucial to success.Learning is real, purposeful, exciting and relates to the world the children live in and will contribute to as they grow up.
  • Educational visits and visitors, enrich children’s education experience on a regular basis.
  • Our learning environments will enhance the learning and curriculum opportunities we provide.
  • Specialist teaching ensures all children have opportunity to learn a musical instrument, take part in sporting competitions and learn to swim.
  • Community involvement is part of the life of our schools and the children impact on the life of the community. Equal opportunities through the curriculum, inspire all children to succeed. 

High Quality Provision

  • High quality teaching and learning in the all subjects leads to the acquisition of the best set of life and learning skills for every child.
  • Early identification of need leads to intervention which supports and challenges children to access all of the curriculum.
  • Rigorous assessment, tracking and expert teaching promotes accelerated progress.
  • Continual process of School Self Review/Peer Review and evaluation as we strive to provide outstanding provision.
  • Behaviour and reward systems which promote exemplary behaviour.

A shared ethos of Care and Respect

  • Understanding and celebrating diversity.
  • Include and nurture everybody.
  • Celebrate and encourage everybody.
  • Provide opportunities and success for everybody.
  • An understanding of how we can contribute to and shape the world around us on a local and global scale.
  • A curriculum which enhances the health, safety and wellbeing of all our school communities.
  • Our children are well prepared for learning in the next stage of their educational journey.

We believe that everyone is a Leader 

  • Pupils are leaders of their own learning and have opportunity to develop their interests and become experts.
  • We offer our communities opportunities to take on leading roles within our schools.
  • We will support and champion family learning and learning together.
  • We value every member of staff and will develop them through high quality training and an investment in their professional development.
  • Our leadership teams keep learning at the heart of their work, recognising the uniqueness of each and every learner.
  • We become an organisation of evidence-driven experts.

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